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2017 April Day-With

The April evening meeting has been replaced by the day-long Day With Aaron Bartell. For more information, click here.

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2017 March Meeting: Database Revitalization

It has been more than a decade since IBM published the redbook which covered DDS to DDL modernization.  In the same period, IBM has shipped numerous releases and many technology refreshes which include many enhancements that simplify database reengineering and make SQL more attractive as a data centric development language.  So what does modernization mean

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February Meeting: Business Intelligence, Reporting, & SQL Server

NOTE:  This meeting will be a morning meeting                 BUT WILL BE AT GOEGLEIN’S Although our primary systems may be IBM i’s, we don’t live in an isolated world anymore.  Data lives in more than one place.  As such, it often needs to be collected and organized for

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2017 January Meeting: Art of the Possible – Modernization on IBM i

Application modernization can mean different things to different people—ask 10 people and you will get 10 different answers.  One thing they all have in common though is the big question “How can I deliver modern applications to our business?”  With the delivery of our Modernization of IBM i Applications Redbook, we will dive into what

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2016 November Meeting: Everything You Wanted to Know About SQL But Were Afraid To Ask

Do you use SQL to query or update files? Do you use it in your RPG programs or do you tend to stick with naïve I/O? If not, why? Have you wanted to access a file but didn’t quite have the logical file that you needed? What’s the overhead of creating a logical file “on

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You’ve Got STATUS!

Welcome to the STATUS IBM i user group in Fort Wayne, IN.

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STATUS is the premier IBM i user group of Northeast Indiana!